Raw Goat and Jersey
Cows Milk ,Artisan Cheese
 & Fresh Eggs

Our family has been truly blessed to be able to live a wholesome wonderful farm life. We  enjoy living as simply as possible and producing as much of our food here on the farm as we can. Our soil and livestock are so generous with their bounty that we are able at times to share with you ! Please refer to our For Sale page for seasonal garden produce.

Our chickens are a mixed flock of lovely Rhode Island Reds and Americana's. They give us extra large brown and blue green eggs . For their protection from predators they are not "free range" but have their grain  supplemented with fresh grasses and greens in addition to the surplus garden produce from our farm.
We even give them a special treat of surplus milk and whey on occasion! They love milk!!

Eggs can be ordered for $2.50 per dozen if you supply your own carton or $3.00 if we supply the carton.

Because in the State of Georgia (Dept of Agriculture) the sale of raw milk for human consumption is illegal ...all of our dairy products will be labeled as pet food.

All Dairy products sold will be labeled

That being said, we have wonderful fresh raw Jersey cow and Alpine goat milk available for order.
Our animals are part of our "Farmily" and they are treated as such.

We pride ourselves on great care and kindness that they each receive. They happily give back abundantly to nourish our family and others. Our herd is on DHIA test and tested monthly for somatic cell counts. They are very healthy and rarely receive treatment for parasites or illness. In the event that it is necessary to medicate any animal, that milk is dumped and would never be sold. We feed a formulated feed that is mixed especially for our farm by a nutritionist and contains NO medications, but has added vitamins and yeast as well as special chelated minerals to ensure the best health possible.
We try to remain as natural as possible with a high forage diet for Omega 3 benefits.

We offer only fresh raw milk to order.

This means that you place an order for whichever you need (cow or goat)as soon as the night before by email. We will specifically milk for you and call for pickup on that same day!
Now that is FRESH!!

You may per purchase 10 gallons of fresh raw milk for $75 and pick up as needed or buy as little as one-half gallon for $6.00.

Raw milk by the single gallon $10 per gallon
If you prefer your milk to have less fat please let us know and we will remove some of the cream .

We sell luxurious Jersey cream for $6.00 per pint.

Fresh Jersey  hand churned buttermilk $5.00 per half gallon

Fresh hand churned "cultured" butter is sold by the pound for $4.00

We have seasonal artisan cheeses available for sale in limited quantities.

These include but are not limited to aged Farm house Cheddar,Gouda,Colby,Monterrey Jack and Mozzarella.

Our fresh cow and goats milk cheese is available to order .
These include Chevre,Forage Blanc,Mascarpone,yogurts,kefir etc.

While all our products are made with fresh wholesome ingredients we are not allowed to sell them labeled for "human consumption".

All products will be clearly labeled "Not for Human Consumption"
as we are licensed for Pet food. Unpasteurized raw dairy products
are illegal to be sold and labeled for "human consumption" in the state of Georgia.